smart Helios develops digital solutions for the
needs of patients and family members.

who we are

smart Helios develops digital solutions for patients and their family members. We are a spin-off from Helios Kliniken, Europe’s leading private hospital group.

We are independent, work collaboratively in an agile way, and we take pride in cultivating strong user-centricity. Security, data protection and evidence-based medicine are our core competencies.

The future belongs to patient-centred medicine which focuses on maintaining good health. Digital technologies are key enablers to achieve this.

With our team, Helios’ network of hospitals and helios.hub, we are well-positioned to bring digital health technologies to patients and to achieve measurable medical benefits.

what we do

Our work focuses on applications for patients and their relatives. Currently, we are focusing on two main areas:

hello, our patient portal, enables patients to communicate with the hospital digitally, securely and in compliance with data protection regulations. Our unique data protection concept, which is coordinated with the supervisory authorities, forms the basis for further development of features such as appointment bookings, the collection of clinical follow-up data or the integration of vital data. The access to treatment documents is already possible today in a pilot clinic in Berlin. We work under high pressure on the new product version, which will then be rolled out in other Helios clinics.

digital aftercare to enable discharged patients to access a sustainable orientation on what to do in order to regain or maintain their health as much as possible. This will include training plans, nutritional advice, and medical monitoring.

why us?

In Germany, digital health exists mostly on PowerPoint slides. Unclear data protection requirements, bureaucracy, insufficient access to capital and vested interests prevent innovation. Moreover, frequent poor market-fits and inadequate evidence basis puts the value of many “innovations” into question.

As in other industries, Champions and Challengers meet. We believe that we can activate the right mix of competencies and partners to finally bring innovations to the patient. Making digital health a success does not depend solely on cultivating the right vision, but on the ability to get from A to Z.

Only cooperation between clinics, smart helios and start-ups will allow patients access to innovations.

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